Pastor Wesley

Pastor Wesley

The Cross stands as the centerpiece of Pastor Wesley Jacob’s ministry, and he firmly believes that all ministry should overflow from intimate communion with God. He values godliness over giftedness, service over popularity, and substance over size. His prayer is that every decision he makes would align with the overarching goal of bringing glory to God. 

Pastor Jacob’s academic background includes a specialization in Astrophysics, where he researched the origins of time and space, and Patristics, where he studied the beginnings of the Church and Christianity. He maintains that God transcends the limits of human imagination and comprehension, with even our loftiest thoughts of Him being but a dim reflection of His transcendent glory. To God, the universe is but a speck of dust, a grain of sand, a virus in a petri dish. Pastor Jacob asserts that if we have not trembled at God’s greatness, we will never be humbled by His grace. 

His dissertation recovered a patristic embryonic solidarity with the subaltern, nascent and emergent in Ante-Nicene writings, with a particular examination of the Shepherd of Hermas as a normative foundation for a comprehensive theology. Reflecting on his call to ministry, Pastor Jacob often recalls his father’s counsel, “When God calls you to be His servant, don’t stoop to be a king.” 

He is married to Elizabeth, who is also a pastor in the United Methodist Church, and they are blessed with a daughter, Prarthana Charis, who loves the Lord and is majoring in neuroscience.